Lil's Yolky Dokey Eggs

Lil's story goes WAY back when Joel and I knew her as a young Shrek loving 5 year old! She knew every word to the super cool movie and we both rememeber her as a beautful ray of delightful light that made us giggle. It totlaly floored the both of us when we heard of her sudden passing....
Meet The Maker
Lil's Yolky Dokey Eggs

Lil's amazing mum Jacqui and her beautiful partner Gab wanted to keep all of Lil's dreams alive so went on an incredible journey and created the awe-inspiring Lil's Yolky Dokey Eggs...the first of her many dreams has been beautifully brought to life and we can't wait to see more! Here is their story...

In February 2018, our beautiful daughter Lily Grace, was killed in a tragic 4WD accident at the age of 20. In the long grief-stricken days that followed a vision was born out of the deep love that a mother has for her daughter. On Lily’s bucket list was a dream to own her own bush block, raise pasture-fed hens, sell their free-range eggs whilst operating a beauty salon on the side. Within a few weeks of Lily’s death, we secured a lease on a 50-acre property in Somerville and the Yolky Dokey pasture-raised egg dream for Lil was to become a reality.

Lil’s Farm has around 1500 'gypsy' chooks who roam free during the day and sleep in caravans at night, with four alpacas and maremma dogs as guardians to protect the girls. The number of chooks will remain fewer than 100 hens per hectare, as we believe it is the key to both sustainable farming and ensuring that the girls have plenty of space to live a happy and healthy life. Lil's dream could not have been made a reality without teh dedication and support from her family and friends. We thank you all for #doingitforlila.

Come and chat to Jacqui and Gab from Lil's Yolky Dokey and support their dream to create this beautiful memory for their gorgeous daughter Lila.

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