Meet The Maker : Peninsula Wild Flower

Nothing is more beautiful than the gorgeous colour and texture of native wildflowers and the love of presentation that Dawn from Peninsula Wild Flowers brings to each and every bunch she sells is truly amazing!!
Meet The Maker
Meet The Maker : Peninsula Wild Flower

Here is a little insight into Dawns enviable lifestyle. If you would like some more hands on knowledge of the wonderful art of flower arranging then read on to find out more information about Peninsula Wildflower's workshop happening at the December 20 EPM 2015!

Tell us about yourself and what you do at the EPM...

Dawn Allen from Peninsula Wild Flower we sell Native Flowers with a twist!

When did you know you first wanted to work with native flowers?

After 20 odd years as a florist working in different countries, I wanted to take a different route within my industry, I also love to showcase something in a different way. Four years ago when the opportunity came to harvest and sell native flowers to florists I jumped at the chance.

What inspires you to be creative?

We work form a ten acre garden in Boneo which was planted some thirty years ago by a very learned man, he planted the garden in a way that it would flower all year and he also planted some very unusual varieties. Walking around the garden before a market inspires me, nature is awesome. I see different textures and colour pallettes and can imagine what would work together.

Describe your perfect day...

The perfect day is picking for a market ! being able to source what is best and plentiful , I like it in the Spring and Autumn best when the light in the garden is just beautiful it bounces of some of the older trees. With my four legged buddy as company they areеКpretty special day's very peaceful.

What is your best ever creative moment?

I have been truly blessed in my floristry career, I have been able to travel and work with some huge budgets, creating the wow factor turning empty spaces into wonderlands. Floristry is a very satisfying career, full of expression and you can get those moments each day when you create.

Describe a lesson you learnt from creative failure...

You know there isn't really a creative failure they are all just lessons, I was lucky to work and train with some of the industry best, the one thing I really learnt from them is the best ideas don't always translate into the best work, try it out first !

What's the scariest movie you have ever seen?

OMG Definitely Friday the 13th I saw one of them in 3d and wore the glasses backwards it freaked me out so much, just sat there watching a blur for most of the night much better !

What's your favourite childhood book?

One of my favourite childhood books would be " when we were young " by A.A.Milne my Mum is a huge poetry fan and has passed the love on.

What's the best advice anyone ever gave you?

I was raised that you treat others as you would be treated yourself, that kindness is the key, it's a good life philosophy.

What's your favourite tunes to get you in the creative mood?

Madeline Peyroux although I can go from that to Gomez to Arctic Monkeys to Leftfield, I am loving Paolo Nutini too at the moment.

Connect with Peninsula Wild Flower

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WANT TO LEARN MORE? WHY NOT JOIN AN EPM WORKSHOP! December 20 EPM 2015 from 10:30am to 11:30am ($75 including all native flowers to create your wreath) Join Dawn for an amazing fun filled morning learning a new craft and creating your very own spectacular native flower wreath for your Christmas table.....

Dawn from Peninsula Wild Flower would like to invite all of those creative people who have always wanted to learn some trade secrets when it comes to flower arranging, to spend an hour having a giggle and getting very creative!

You will be making a beautiful Christmas table centrepiece with tips that will last a lifetime, all materials will be supplied, you just need to bring some secateurs and a smile!

To book please see our eventbrite page here or please contact with any queries on hello@emuplainsmarket.com.au. Be quick as there are only limited places available!