Teachers Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift AND #supportsmallbusiness this Christmas! It's a win/win!
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Teachers Gift Guide

Can you believe it's almost Christmas!!!  It's time to thank all the great teachers/helpers/all round amazing people of the world by getting them something unique and handmade at the #EPM! There are so many amazing stallholders showcasing their wares tomorrow (some on sale!!) so we have compiled just a few to help you on your perfect present journey...you can thank us later! xo

+ AFTERDARK SCENTED CO - Candle reusable as a Hug-Mug! Two gifts in One! $50 each

+ TARN CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY (pictured) - Stud love for teachers gifts ranging from $35-$65

+ THE GREEN ROOM PLANT CO - One of our hand cast conc pots (from $25) would make the perfect desk buddy for the wonderful teacher folk in your life. They are resilient little fellas that don’t require a green thumb to thrive and they are great for enlivening a work space. Every time your teacher looks at their succulent they’ll be reminded of how cherished they are and how important their work is. We love our teachers!”

+ OLIOKO (pictured) - Here’s our great teacher gift idea! 100% Linen Tea Towels! $20 each or 2 for $30!!

+ SUPER SALTS MAGNESIUM OIL -I’ve the perfect teachers gift and they sell for $12. The teachers can soak away the stress of the year in my magnesium chloride and pink Himalayan salt bath blend with the lovely scent of sweet orange essential oil.

+ ORIGINAL SPIRIT CO (pictured) - The 'Spiced Tawny' is forever super popular with the price point of $30 and looking very elegant in the square bottle - our customer's words, not mine 😉We also have Limoncello which is just such a refreshing and also very popular drink in summer, at a price point of $50. We do have beautiful gift sets, but they are at a cost of $65 for the Plum & Blackberry Liqueur Set and $85 for the Gin-triple-set (a very lucky teacher indeed!!)

+ BELLA BELLE - Starter Pac: Includes Base coat, colour of your choice & Top coat all packaged in a cotton bag.

+ CAYE LIFE - Sustainable water bottles and coffee cups. Coffee Cups - $24 Water Bottles 500ml - $28 Water Bottles 750ml - $38

+ NUNCHI OILS (pictured)- This has been created for teachers and the boss as it helps you to stay focused and calm during a stressful work day. It is available in a handy 50 ml size for $25 or 100ml for $35.

+ BRIGHTON BEACH BOHO - One of the best gifts for your hard working teacher is the gift of comfort for yoga & meditation this summer break.95% Cotton, 5% Spandex Brighton Beach Boho’s yoga-wear is soft for the soul. Tops $22.50 & legging $28. Buy 2 yoga items & get $4 OFF this market

+ INDIE & ELLE - We have a great range of teachers gifts starting at just $5 including Teacher keyrings $10, Teacher charms $5 plain, $10 personalised , Lanyards $12 plain, $15 personalised

+ WHIMSICAL BY NATURE - My special is buy 2 handcrafted resin  decorations and receive a third one free up to the value of $20 .