Weaving Workshop with Kristin Olds

Learn the meditative art of Coil Weaving. Coil Weaving is an ancient art form used by indigenous communities around the world to create functional and ceremonial baskets and art pieces and you can experience it in the unique setting of the Emu Plains Reserve this Saturday xo
Weaving Workshop with Kristin Olds

During the two hour workshop, Kristin will guide you to make your own coiled piece, using natural materials such as hand dyed raffia, jute, hemp and nettle. Kristin will also touch on how to dye your own materials using natural dyes made from local plants.

Cost: $50 pp. All materials will be provided. Bookings required. Please head to https://www.instagram.com/kristinolds/ for all the details

$10 from each ticket will go towards supporting the Arnhem Women Weaver's Group and their community.  The Arnhem Women Weaver’s group was  established in 2003 by two elders as a cultural and economic enterprise, passing on traditional textile skills to Balanda (white people),  as well as enabling  the community to be self-sustainable and remain on their ancestral lands.